Nov 20, 2014

99. Third wheel

The internet shocked the nation when we read a husband's confession of cheating on his spouse for almost ten years. You can read it here.

That article is horrendous. As a woman, I am appalled to see there is such man, who cheats and blame on the wife over their adultery. I read some of the comments, I am quite shocked to see the amount of people who have the same thinking as the man.

My take on this issue might be biased just because I am a woman but no woman deserves to be treated this way.

The husband blames the wife for not taking care of herself, that's why he cheats.
That's very shallow. One of the things I hate about men these days is, they expect the wife to do everything. From taking care of the kids, to do the chores, prepare husband's needs. A wife is still a human being after all; they can get tired and once they do, they won't care about how they look.

You want your wife to look good?
Hire a maid to help her out. Hire two maids, if you expect her to look pretty all the damn time.

Some women are lucky that they do not need to spend extra to look good.. While the rest of us, we need to put extra effort to actually look decent. So when a guy compares us to another girl, of course we will go ballistic and ape shit over this comparison. Not all girls are the same. When this man compares his wife to the third person, I feel like... throwing bricks at his forehead.

To be honest, I have nothing more to add because the guy just justified his idiocy when he confessed to his that he has been cheating on her when she got pregnant to their first kid. It just justified that he cheated because he is an idiot. Not because the wife stopped being the woman he met years ago.

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